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Welcome to Irvington's central business district, the
Irvington Springfield Avenue Business Improvement District!
More Photos on ISABID Programs Page!

Dr. Thomas Panitch

As President of the Springfield Avenue Center BID, I welcome you to discover one of the most active business districts in our area.

Established by municipal ordinance in 1997, the SACBID is located along the length of Springfield Avenue in Irvington, and along Clinton Avenue from Smith Street on the north to Washington Avenue on the south, plus our side streets such as Nye Avenue and Civic Square which is lined with government buildings.

In our district you will find an array of stores and services, including 50 clothing stores, another six shoe stores, 30 general merchandise stores, 11 jewelry shops, three banks, five electronics stores, five drug stores, and 35 beauty and nail salons.

Enjoy 15 restaurants, three seafood markets, 10 groceries and supermarkets, and four cleaners. You'll also find seven dentists, seven law firms, six day care centers, six accounting firms, 15 medical offices, four laundromats, an optician, a fitness center, and a dance studio.

You can find a complete list of businesses on our Member Directory page. Meanwhile, a number of our businesses are UEZ-certified, meaning that you pay only a 3.5% sales tax on purchases. You'll find more information about Irvington's Urban Enterprise Zone on our UEZ Benefits page.

Check out our Programs page for a snapshot of some of the improvements we've done, and send us an email if you'd like to receive our free Irvington, Indeed! quarterly magazine.

Thanks for visiting - enjoy your stay!

P.O. Box 323, Irvington, NJ 07111-0323
(973) 673-0205 FAX (973) 673-5828