Minutes of March 23, 2021, Virtual Board Meeting

PRESENT: Robert Hartl, Garvin Cadet, (Twp) Michael Roesch, Nate Moradi,
Samantha Mendenhall (Twp), Paulette Zazzara, Marli Pimenta,
Councilwoman Renee Burgess (Twp), Romaine Graham (Twp), Jay Heap,
David Biagini, Caitlin Sumner
GUEST: Kenny Allen, Arizona Landscaping

MINUTES: The minutes of January 26, 2021, virtual Board meeting were duly approved.

FINANCIALS: D. Biagini presented the bi-monthly financial report which was duly approved.

Security Camera Pilot Project – The Board unanimously approved the expenditure of $27,625 to install 16 cameras in five locations in the CBID that would be accessible to the IPD via the internet.

Graffiti Removal Pilot Project - The Board authorized FTM to choose the sites to be included in the Request For Proposals to vendors to clean surfaces via painting or power washing, as well as application of a clear graffiti-resistant coating on 50% of the cleaned surfaces.

Maintenance Crew Uniforms – The Board discussed a Township suggestion that the CBID maintenance crew wear full uniforms. A full uniform/laundering optional proposal from UniFirst was presented as well as a low-cost option of fluorescent t-shirts found at Forman Mills. The Board will be polled as to its preferences.

CBID Quality of Life – The Board discussed the growing problem of salvage car businesses loading and unloading cars on public streets.
Meanwhile, the Township DPW reinstalled two “Do Not Enter” signs at the corner of S. 21st Street and Nye Avenue which had fallen and created a dangerous situation of vehicles driving the wrong way north on S. 21st Street.

The meeting was duly adjourned at 4:15 pm.

Submitted by:
DAVID BIAGINI, CBID Corporate Secretary